All About Sprinklers: Types, Pros and Cons, and Recommended Uses

If you have a lawn that you care about, it goes without saying that you need to water it. You could stand outside and water your lawn using a hose a few times a week. However, you could also opt for utilizing a sprinkler system.

This being said, you want to get the best sprinkler system you possibly can, which means deciding between several different types….so, how do you decide? Here’s a quick overview of the various sprinkler systems on the market, what they’re good for, and why they might be the best system for you.

Impact sprinkler

Impact Sprinklers

Impact sprinklers are the ones that make the “chk chk chk” noise we’re all so familiar with. These sprinklers are known for putting out jet streams of water, which are produced by pressure building up inside the sprinkler head and being forced out.

They are good for large areas, as their range is impressive but not the best for areas that have low water pressure or that have been freshly seeded. It is available in both stationary and fixed variations and is perfect for watering areas of grass such as parks, sports fields, and large lawns.

oscillated sprinkler head

Oscillating Sprinklers

When you think of an everyday lawn being watered, you probably think of an oscillating sprinkler. These handy sprinklers have a tube-shaped body with various holes for water to come out of. The sprinkler uses pressure to push the water out the holes and effectively water the grass. At this same time, this pressure makes the tube move back and forth which gives the sprinkler its oscillating quality.

These sprinklers are great for households with kids but aren’t ideal for households with low water pressure or overly powerful water pressure.

inground sprinkler

In-ground Sprinklers

In-ground sprinklers are sprinkler systems that have been installed directly into the ground. They’re ideal for homeowners who don’t plan on moving anytime soon, as well as for large areas of land as the system can be modified to be almost any size.

In the same breath, however, they could also work well for smaller spaces, since only one or two individual heads would be needed. They aren’t the best option for renters, though, because setup requires digging up the grass.

Travelling sprinkler

Traveling Sprinklers

Traveling sprinklers are the newest invention on the sprinkler market. They are mobile sprinklers attached to a hose through which water flowers; the pressure from this water propels the sprinkler forward.

The sprinkler moves in a pattern hat is determined by the way you lay the connecting hose out on the ground and it waters much like a traditional sprinkler system would, except, of course, that it moves. Since it relies on pressure to move, this sprinkler isn’t equipped for use in low pressure areas.