How to Dry Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is a cute little white flower that grows in sprays. These flowers are commonly used as fillers in bouquets, as they compliment nearly every type of flower and are delicate enough that they don’t steal the spotlight from the main flowers.

If you’ve ever been given a bouquet of baby’s breath or grown some in your garden, you know how beautiful this flower is. Naturally, it makes sense that someone – you, perhaps – might want to dry and preserve the flowers after receiving them.

Gypsophila paniculataor

To effectively dry baby’s breath, you need to know how to do it in a way that won’t damage the flower or take away any of its beauty. That’s what we’re here to teach you today.

1. Wrap an elastic band around the stems of your baby’s breaths after gathering them into a bundle.

2. Flip the bundle upside down and clip it onto a wire hanger using a clothespin. If you’re hanging multiple bundles alongside each other, make sure that they aren’t touching; you want air to be able to circulate freely around all bundles.

3. Hang your bundles in a dry, dark room with good air circulation. Feel free to add a fan or two to keep air circulating.

4. Dry the flowers for two weeks. Or dry them until the flowers are completely dry and the stems have become brittle.

5. Remove the rubber band and display your flowers as you wish.

Keep in mind that drying flowers takes patience and that your flowers won’t be ready for displaying within a few days. Inf act, the bigger the flower the longer it takes to dry. So, for example, roses will take much longer than baby’s breath.

In addition, remember that drying flowers isn’t going to keep them around forever. They will eventually need to be thrown out. If you want them to last indefinitely, you’ll need to go through the preserving process and not just the drying process.

Babys breath blossoming

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hairspray work to dry baby’s breath?

Yes. Hairspray is another way to dry flowers and it works relatively well, as long as it’s done properly and the sprayed flowers are cared for correctly afterwards.

How long will my dried flowers last?

Flowers that are dried and then kept away from moisture will last 1-3 years. If they are kept in a protective casing, however, they can last as long as 10 years.

How do I dust my dried flowers?

Instead of using your Swiffer or a dust cloth on your delicate flowers, dust them by using the coolest setting of a blow dry dryer. This is much gentler than actually touching the flowers.

When is the best time to dry flowers?

The best time to dry flowers is the driest season you get wherever you live. Flower drying can be done anytime, though.

Can I dry flowers in a microwave?

Yes. However, this method is known for damaging flowers.